Psy-High is a festival of psychedelic culture with a focus not just on the programme (music, seminars, theatre, debates, readings, exercise, workshops) but also on creating a unique environment and atmosphere. A group of builders, architects, artists and designers is at work changing the location, including experienced professionals and masters as well as keen amateurs and wild talents. It’s hard to explain, but as soon as you arrive, you’ll surely see it at once - this isn’t your typical event/party/festival. Also, we make Psy-High happen strictly without the aid of any sponsors and with our own hands only (so we appreciate all help we can get and you should send us an e-mail if you feel like joining in).

Principles of the Psy-High 2017 Temporary Autonomous Zone:

Slow down
Don’t run, hurry, holler or make too much noise
Take good care of yourself and others
Drink a lot of water, stay aware of possible hazards, uphold basic dignity, keep surroundings and moods nice and welcoming
Turn it all off
Do not use phones or any other electronics
Avoid automatism
Try thinking and feeling beyond everyday life

The theme of the fourth Psy-High is elemental fire, Promethean mythology and their related conceptual terrain - and because 2017 is the final year, you can expect even more ritualistic and psychedelic projects than ever before.

The main ideas that shape P-H in the long run are: “partnership culture” (trying to offer everyone a chance to contribute, erasing the lines between attendees and organizers), “dark green spirituality” (trying to perceive the deeper meaning of nature, beyond ecological-recreational), “archaic revival” (trying to reinterpret shamanistic and tribalistic principles) and “ontological indeterminism” (trying to understand that no specific vision of reality is hard set).

On location, this cocktail of ideals works thanks to the inspiring concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, which means creating a dedicated space where there are weirder rules at work than the ones we’re used to from our everyday lives…

So you want to really experience P-H? Well, that means helping out!

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with construction, info/merch, bars, safety watch and more. Get in touch:


As usual, the music at P-H will be a mosaic of many genres, all connected by the theme of psychedelia and altered states of musical consciousness. Stoner, psych rock, doom, drone, shoe-gaze, avantgarde jazz and a countless range of electronic music genres.

Two unique scenes: A main stage with truly massive sound arrangements as well as a smaller, more intimate Sensorium stage with four-channel sound.

Other stuff

Seminars, theatre, debates, readings, exercise, workshops, art installations, a library of weird tomes and important scientific papers, strategically placed chill-points, dream machines, secret interzones…

The location

We searched far and wide to find the perfect location for P-H 2017, but none seemed to fit our expectations (and we met a lot of shocked faces when we explained exactly how many fires we want to have there) so we’re returning to the amazing location of P-H 2015. It’s an old quarry (7.5 hectars) with 13 000 square meters of lake that happens to be shaped like a five-pointed star (oh yeah).

We will reveal the specific location by e-mail one month before the festival (but for planning purposes, you should know that it’s less than 50 km away from the city of Pilsen). This is the first time our team is revisiting a P-H location, so we plan on using the psychotopological know-how from 2015 and pushing our shaping skills to the limits!


Only pack the necessary stuff! We pride ourselves on providing whatever you need.

Food and refreshments

A few bars, a calm tea room and a caffeine intake station.

Food not bombs (vegan), FU-Munchies (meat), noMAD’s chilly (vegan grill + hot stuff).

Once again, let us know if you want to bake something nice and sweet for P-H. We will buy your cakes, brownies and anything else, then store and sell it (details will arrive via e-mail).


There will be a classic tent city near the festival grounds - and you can always look for a nice spot in the quarry.


Limited capacity! A progressive fee system is in place (a spot for a car filled with four people costs less than for a car with just one guy in it)


The number of tickets is limited. The fragile and intense atmosphere of events like Psy-High (made possible by the hard work of amateurs and enthusiasts) requires a smaller crowd.

Everyone has to buy a ticket (the organizers, performers, volunteers, everyone) but you can always settle up by helping out. We have a separate stack of tickets for you if you want to help us – sign-up using this short form. The higher price for tickets helps us to improve infrastructure, buildings, programme, supply volunteers and more.

We made the ticket sale app ourselves, so there are no guarantees on how it will behave in contact with some e-mail service providers and such. If you happen to receive an incomprehensible e-mail or two, please stay calm and let us know at