Psy-High '14 Report

Psy-High is an arts and culture experience based around the interplay of music, seminars, theatre, debates, readings and workshops. We also give a lot of attention to changing the location as much as possible in accordance with the main themes and concepts of the festival. Psy-High 2015 will increase in length to four full days – two days just weren't enough to enjoy the event for most people.

The basics of why and how we make Psy-High happen stay the same: We do everything we can by our own hands, without profit and without sponsors - except for the growing number of people ready to fuel the event with their personal energy.



Noise devours itself until it becomes music… Music envelops itself until it becomes noise… Old cinema projectors create visuals that follow the band as it searches and always finds the fragile-perfect (and the sublime-imperfect) states hiden somewhere in the center of it all.


For this band, 60’s protopunk and krautrock are just the first drop of inspiration. The layers that are built on top of these foundations rise up into trippy heights no unprepared mind should dare taste… because then their music takes you to the other end of the spectrum as well…


A breathtaking vortex of post-hardcore, noise-rock and free jazz, full of free form improvisations that will take you on a frenzied journey through the deepest of dreams.


Danish Spörkraket will come with their three-guitars-riden trip balancing between kraut, noise and shoegaze. These close friends of Narcosatanicos did not hesitate a minute, after Kamni cancelled their performance, standing in. Spörkraket have a completely diy operation going with all their records being recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves. They wished to play on Psy-High since 2013, but we were never able to put it together, so finally it comes up!


Once their glorious noise pushes itself into your bloodstream, your being suddenly becomes a part of their unsettling and unstoppable designs. You won’t know what you’ve been dragged into until the show is over.


Painful testimony of the contemporary so called young generation at it’s best. Mud-polished compositions and an unforgetable sound. It’s the kind of blissful filth that can never be scrubbed away and one you wear like a scar…


There will be a unique mix of genres playing at the bar, be sure to check it out.

This program is coproduced by Amalgam / Letmo Productions, Altershapes, and AVA.


Lectures in English

  • Magick, alchemy, theurgy and mystika (a brief intro)
  • The 8 Circuits model of consciousness (a brief intro)
  • Flicker - the dream machines
  • Lucid dreaming (a brief intro, not confirmed yet)
  • Critical thought and hermeneutics (a brief intro, not confirmed yet)


  • Fungiculture
  • Guided Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Books Recycled
  • Make Your Own Music Instruments
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Typography
  • Art of Clay
  • Lanterns Workshop
  • Dumpster diving
  • and more…



We'll continue the string of amazing locations: Last year's “rocky cathedral” of the Saint Joseph quarry is followed by a wide, flooded quarry somewhere in the western parts of Czech Republic. We're still keeping the location a secret for now, but get ready for 13,000 m² of five-pointed lake surrounded by 7.5 hectars of awesomeness). You will receive the exact location in an e-mail sent month before the festival. For purposes of planning, we will tell you this: the location lays in a 50 km radius from the city of Pilsen.



For vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, sensibly priced or luxuriant and pricey, from breakfast to midnight snack… The famous Fu-Munchies grill will be accompanied by a similarly aimed vegetarian stand and larger field kitchen run by Food not bombs.


We learned a lot last year, so the bar will function almost all day and night, it will be much larger this year and there will be a separate beer tap.


  • Tent city in the vicinity (no extra fees)
  • Equipped with water (no showers)
  • Chemical toilets


Limited capacity! Progressive parking fee (car full with 4 people – minimal fee, car with one person – maximal fee). Exact parking fee will be disclosed in an e-mail with other details.


We have decided to limit the number of tickets to 400, mainly due to our belief that Psy-High needs a smaller crowd in order to retain it's unique atmosphere.

This is the last chance to get the tickets! In this final wave, they're €28 each.

For payment inside Czech republic, please order the tickets from the Czech Psy-High website.

We built the presale app ourselves and we cannot eliminate the possibility of malfunction with certain e-mail providers. If you receive an unreadable e-mail, or anything else is not right, please contact us at